the build process.

We are here for you! Here is a guide through the new home building process with Create Homes. Our team is ready to get started creating your new home today!


During this phase, your licensed professional sales agent will help you find the right location and house plan to fit your lifestyle. ​After picking the perfect plan, you will have the ability to personalize your new home with the help of our design consultants.

Meet Your CREATE Team: At this stage, you will meet your Builder and design team for the first time. This meeting typically lasts about two hours and will give you the ability to personalize your new home.


You have signed the contract, secured financing with one of our preferred lenders and now you’re ready to see your new home get built. This can be the most frustrating part of the process since you will not see much activity on your homesite at first. Rest assured, our team is hard at work making sure we deliver the house of your dreams. This is when we secure necessary permits, finalize plans, order materials and involve the subcontractor team (electricians, plumbers, framers, etc.) that will help us create your dream home.


We start this process by preparing the homesite and preparing for the foundation. Get ready! After the foundation is poured, walls get raised and your new house starts to take shape. While our team finishes up the outside of your home, trades will be hard at work on the inside preparing for drywall and completing municipal inspections.

​Home Orientation Walk-Thru: Before we put up the drywall, your Builder will provide a guided tour of your new home showing you the mechanical systems that will soon be covered up. This is when your new house starts to feel like home.

It’s time for our team to get to work on finishing up the exterior concrete and landscaping. While all of this work is going on outside your home we get to work on the finishes inside of your home, such as interior trim, flooring, fixtures, lighting and appliances.


This is the stage right before final completion of your new home, in which final municipal inspections and quality assurance will be completed. Your Builder will perform a thorough inspection of your entire home to assure the quality of all workmanship and that all systems are working properly. The Quality Control Inspection performed by your Builder ensures that your new home is built to the high standards demanded at Create Homes.


It’s time to celebrate! Your new home is complete and it’s almost moving day.

Welcome Home Tour: Your new home is ready for move-in. Your Builder will take you on a tour of your new home, explaining all the systems and unique features of your Create Home.

​Congratulations! Closing day is around the corner at which time you will receive the keys to your new home. We are so excited to welcome you to the Create Homes family!