​Advantages of Buying NEW

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The Best Value 

At Create Homes, we build the highest quality home at an incredible value. We are proud to place our years of commitment and reputation at the door step of your new home. When you buy a used home, you don’t know how it has been maintained and what expensive issues may be hidden.

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Create YOUR Home 

Buying new means you pick the floor plan that works for your family and choose certain features to reflect your personal living style. You may customize the exterior color packages and pick interior finishes. You can choose upgrade features that matter to you. When you buy a used home, you often settle for less than the best, compromising or costing you more down the road due to a expensive remodel.

Easy Financing

With our preferred lenders, we make it easy to get pre-approved. The lender will help you find the best product for you and communicate with you each step of the way. Financing a used home can be more difficult, subject to the varying demands of banks and property inspectors with a laundry list of items to repair.

New Home Warranty

With our one-year Builder Warranty and 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, you know your new Create Home will be free of defects  and that we’ll be here long after you receive the keys to your new home.​ When it comes to a used home, often you don’t realize you bought a fixer-upper or money pit until after you move in, costing you money you didn’t anticipate spending.

The Latest Technology

Our homes come with new appliances, fixtures and finishes from state-of-the-art brands like Pfister, GE, and Shaw. New homes have modern wiring that can handle the heavy technology demands of today’s lifestyle. Smart home features can be incorporated into our homes.  With a used home, who knows what will need to be replaced and when. It could be that old wiring, the inefficient heating or cooling system, or a wasteful water heater.

More Energy Effcient

A new Create Home is built to the most current building codes, using high-quality windows, energy-efficient furnaces, increased insulation, and modern energy-saving appliances. New building techniques create a tighter-sealed building envelope that prevents cooled air from escaping in the summer and holding warmed air inside in the winter.  Used homes are often drafty, leaky and built with outdated windows, systems and appliances which result in higher utility bills

New is Healthier

A new Create Home is built to exacting modern standards with all new materials. Our homes are all wired with modern electrical systems, including hard-wired smoke detectors and ground fault interrupters to ensure your home is safe and secure for years to come. Older homes were often built with materials that are now outdated or harmful to your health, like asbestos, lead and formaldehyde. In addition, a used home may have faulty wiring, may not meet current building codes or other issues you won’t learn about until you have moved in.

Low Maintenance 

Buying new means you don’t have to spend your valuable time-off on maintenance. Your home is built with new products that utilize the latest technology to be long lasting and low maintenance. Your home warranty also provides security against untimely and expensive repairs.